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Domestic Inquiry for HR Professionals


Handling a Domestic Inquiry (D.I) can be a nightmare for any organizations due to legal issues involved with regard to the rights of the employee and the limited resources available. If a Domestic Inquiry (D.I) is not properly managed and conducted, it can mean :

  • If the employee is terminated, it may go to the Industrial Relations and the matter may end up to the Industrial Court.
  • Unneccesary expenditure by way of compensation for wrongful dismissal.
  • Loss of productivity as resources channelled for the Domestic Inquiry (D.I) were wasted
  • Tarnish reputation of employer branding

Learning Objectives

The fundamental aim/purpose of Domestice Inquiry for HR Professionals is to expose participants about conducting a Domestic Inquiry (D.I) in accordance to Industrial Relations Law.

Key takeaways at the end of this program:

  • Understanding the rights of the employee, natural justice, legal issues of the inquiry in general
  • When it is necessary to conduct a Domestice Inquiry (D.I)
  • Step by Step procedural guideline to conduct a Domestic Inquiry
  • Criteria Selection for Panel Members
  • Relevant letters and documentations required pre and post preparation to conducting a Domestic Inquiry (D.I)

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