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New! Online MPAT Assessment on Career Mapping and Employability Quotient Development by Center of Learning and Advance Practice (CLAP)

We are elated to announce that Atlas Linkz Consulting Sdn Bhd has collaborated with iCAN Technologies Malaysia to introduce Management Potential Assessment Test (MPAT) in Malaysia. iCAN Technologies Malaysia is the main franchisor in Malaysia to Center of Learning and Advance Practice (CLAP), based in Bangalore, India CLAP, is the leader in 'Career Mapping and Employability Quotient Development' since its inception in the year 2012 as a learning and development arm of Next Best Solutions Pvt.Ltd. CLAP has emerged as the only 'world record holding' career mapping company ‐ globally with two patented assessment tools.
The dynamic online assessment platform has been developed and created by CLAP (Centre for Learning and Advanced Practice) – the only world record title holder declared by India Book of Records in Career Mapping. 
The assessments developed by CLAP has been well acclaimed by industry and academia where more than 200000 students and professionals have availed the service. 
MPAT (Management Potential Assessment Test) is an output of continuous research by a team of professionals, research scholars and psychologists for more than two years. The team has interviewed, tested and validated the assessment on/with 12200 working professionals, 8000 department heads, 160 HR professionals and trainers. 
The global work culture is changing towards 4.0 readiness. 
Unlike Gen X or Gen Y, a professional will probably have a number of different jobs and careers their lifetime with dynamic opportunities in their organization.
In order to be successful, he/she will need to have an awareness about their potential which makes them best suitable for their jobs/career/organization.
A continuous assessment followed up with a planned training and mentoring can help them to be the best contributors and collaborators in the organization and society.
MPAT is divided into two parts Management Potential and Assessment Test. 
The world is transforming from competition to collaboration with an orientation towards industry 4.0. The employees require a specific set of skill sets. The in‐depth study of employability 4.0 attributes for a successful employee has revealed 35 essential attributes under 7 most required potential for a performing and contributing employee. An employee in any organization requires these management potential, might be in varying degrees to perform his task. An employee who works in IT domain or in finance domain, top level management to shop floor worker requires these attributes which can be assessed through this unique Management Potential Assessment Test (MPAT).
Assessment, Testing and Evaluation are often used interchangeably but we should understand the difference between these three and the application. Assessment is the systematic process of documenting knowledge, skill, Attitude, Potential, traits in a measurable term. The objective of an assessment is to make improvement based on the data rather than being judgemental. A Test is performed to examine someone’s knowledge of something to determine what he / she has learnt / outcome of previous training or experience Evaluation is the process of arriving at decisions based on data, criteria, evidence and interpreted information
Atlas Linkz Consulting Sdn Bhd is allowed to promote, market and sell MPAT to individuals and corporations in Malaysia under the supervision of iCAN Technologies Malaysia. In our selected HR Programs, MPAT will be included in the program fees as part of our efforts to introduce this assessment


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